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08/10/2021 - The Audiobook is Live!

This summer is going well :)

  1. I am very happy to announce that Escape Reality's Audiobook is officially live! There was a queue of other great books ahead of me for these wonderful voice actors, but Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard were well worth the wait. They have brought my story to life, and I could not be happier with their work.

Please feel free to check it out here: Link to Audiobook!

  1. Steve Talks About Books & Stuff had me on his BookTube channel for an interview. It was my first big interview about Escape Reality, and we had a great time: Video Link

  2. Lastly, I've been writing up a storm this summer! I'll keep you updated on the sequel, but it is coming along nicely. I can't wait to share it with you.

Hope your summer is going well! Thank you all for the amazing support.

3/22/2021 - Awarded First Place in Sci-Fi!

This has been a very exciting month...

  1. Escape Reality won gold for the Sci-Fi category of the Reader Views Literary Awards: Awards Link

  2. I got my very first Editorial review: Full Review

  3. I started an Indie-Focused YouTube Channel: My BookTube Channel

  4. And, I officially have an Audiobook version of Escape Reality on its way! (ETA ~ Summer)

I cannot say just how much this award means to me.

Thank you to all of you wonderful readers for your kind words and support. Every review you leave means the world to indie authors like me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)

1/1/2021 - My life as an indie-author so far. (A How-To Guide)

I just wrote a blog post of the 13 steps I took to become an independent author. If you want to check it out, you can go here: Goodreads Post.

As a follow up to the Giveaway, I am excited to say that over 150 books were claimed in three days! It has been a good holiday season, and now, I'll be focusing most of my efforts on the sequel to Escape Reality.

Have an awesome 2021! -Kayla

12/15/2020 - Three Day Giveaway!

After polling twitter and chatting with people, I have decided to do a giveaway (12/14 - 12/16). It's day two now, and it is going so well! I'll definitely post again once the results of the giveaway are in, but so far, over one hundred units have been claimed. My modest goal was 50, and that was passed on day one! So, I'm really excited people are giving it a try.

Thank you. -Kayla

11/23/2020 - Escape Reality is officially live

It has been a long and crazy journey to get my first book online, but today was the day it happened. Over the weekend I got the ebook running at the snap of my fingers, but I had to wrestle with Amazon's formatting requirements a little bit to get the paperback up to scratch. It is still hard to believe that Escape Reality is finished even after seeing my first few sales go through.

Sending out a thank you to the first buyers and an equally big thank you to future ones as well! -Kayla

Get your copy here: Amazon Store Page

11/13/2020 - Escape Reality is coming to an e-book near you!

This is my very first book to be published!!! I've been working on it (and some future projects) for the last 4 years and am excited to bring this dark and twisted world for you to escape into. If you are into Science Fiction books, Suspenseful Thrillers, or even Horror novels, I hope you will give my book a try. The book's cast consists of a morally relativistic set of characters that combine their varied views to tell a brutal, futuristic tale. Decide for yourself who the goodies and the baddies are. Can you tell which I think are good or bad? I dare you to try :) -Kayla